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This domain is intended to codify ethics-related, often unintentional failure modes, e.g. algorithmic bias, misinformation.

E0100Bias/DiscriminationConcerns of algorithms propagating societal bias
E0101Group fairnessFairness towards specific groups of people
E0102Individual fairnessFairness in treating similar individuals
E0200ExplainabilityAbility to explain decisions made by AI
E0201Global explanationsExplain overall functionality
E0202Local explanationsExplain specific decisions
E0300User actionsPerpetuating/causing/being affected by negative user actions
E0301ToxicityUsers hostile towards other users
E0302Polarization/ ExclusionUser behavior skewed in a significant direction
E0400MisinformationPerpetuating/causing the spread of falsehoods
E0401Deliberative MisinformationGenerated by individuals., e.g. vaccine disinformation
E0402Generative MisinformationGenerated algorithmically, e.g. Deep Fakes