AVID Announces Integration with Giskard Scan

Giskard Scan results can now be exported as AVID reports....

 · 3 min · Matteo Dora, Subho Majumdar

AVID Announces BiasAware - A Powerful Tool for Detecting Bias in Datasets

A new tool to detect bias in datasets, developed by AVID and hosted on Hugging Face....

 · 7 min · Freyam Mehta, Sudipta Ghosh, Carol Anderson, Jekaterina Novikova and Subho Majumdar

AVID Announces Integration with garak, a Vulnerability Scanner for LLMs

Vulnerabilities found by garak can now be converted easily into AVID reports....

 · 4 min · Leon Derczynski, Carol Anderson, and Subho Majumdar