AVID’s leadership team is composed of seasoned AI professionals and researchers.

Carol AndersonBorhane Blili-HamelinNathan ButtersJekaterina Novikova
Machine LearningTaxonomyOperationsScience
Will PearceBrian PendletonSubho Majumdar
CybersecurityPolicyFounder, Comms

Get Involved!

The AVID community is composed of volunteer engineers, hackers, and researchers like you! The easiest way to be involved in AVID is to join our discord server. We follow the AI Village Code of Conduct in this server. In addition, here are a few specific ways you can support our work.

Submit a Report

You can use our Vulnerability Reporting Form to report an AI failure mode in the wild. The AVID team will review and integrate this report—with proper attribution to you—into a new or existing vulnerability in AVID.

You can also open a pull request to directly add a report or vulnerability to our GitHub.

Suggest Improvements

We welcome comments, feedback, and inputs for our taxonomy and database structure. Please e-mail us with your comments and we’ll get back to you!


Our ongoing and planned areas of R&D include but are not limited to

  • Audits of open-source AI models and datasets
  • Integration of existing AI tooling with our database and SDK
  • Development of evaluation tooling specific to an area (e.g. fairness, privacy, security) or domain (e.g. NLP, CV, multimodal models)
  • AI vulnerability research

If you’re interested in collaborating with us, you can say hi in our discord, send us an e-mail, or fill out this Interest Form.